Australia recalls textbook with the inclusion of “nine-dash line” map

(VOVWORLD) -Singapore's Cengage Learning Asia Publishing House on Wednesday issued a decision to revoke the textbook that features a controversial map in which China claims most of the South China  Sea in contradiction of Australian government policy and protested by many regional countries and the International Court of Arbitration, The Guardian said. 
Australia recalls textbook with the inclusion of “nine-dash line” map  - ảnh 1 A map included in the textbook that has just been recalled in Australia. (Source: The Guardian)

The publisher "apologizes to readers for this carelessness". The Chinese Language, Culture and Society textbook is being used in at least 11 Victorian schools in Australia.

The Guardian quoted Prof Rory Medcalf, the head of the Australian National University’s national security college as saying, “It is highly misleading to portray the nine-dash line in an educational textbook as a legitimate map of China and the region.”

“For it to appear in a textbook in Australia puts it at odds not only with the sensitivities of much of the region, but also with international law and Australian government policy,” said Prof Medcalf.

The publisher expects to recall about 750 copies from Australia and Singapore, according to The Guardian.