Bangladeshis express admiration for President Ho Chi Minh

(VOVWORLD) - Pooja Sengupta, Artistic Director and founder of Bangladesh’s Turongomi Repertory Dance Theatre, has shared the Bangladeshi people’s feelings for President Ho Chi Minh.

In an article, Sengupta, who choreographed a play based on Ho Chi Minh’s life that was staged last year, said President Ho Chi Minh is admired by many Bangladeshi people, who view him as a dedicated politician.

Ho Chi Minh travelled around the world seeking support for Vietnam’s national liberation and reunification, she wrote, noting that he is one the few world leaders who have used both the pen and revolutionary actions to obtain their goals. Sengupta said the name Ho Chi Minh suggests bringing light to people.  

Recalling the play “Ho Chi Minh”, Sengupta said the theatre crew studied the leader’s life through books, newspapers, and documentaries before writing the script.