Biden's lead widens to 16 points nationally

(VOVWORLD) - Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a 16-point lead over President Donald Trump among likely voters nationwide, according to a new survey released less than a month from Election Day.
Biden's lead widens to 16 points nationally - ảnh 1Biden's lead widens to 16 points nationally (Photo: CNN) 

A CNN poll published Tuesday reports that a majority of likely voters surveyed, 57 percent, prefer Biden, while 41 percent prefer Trump. The CNN poll was conducted Thursday through Sunday, following the first presidential debate on Tuesday and partly after Trump’s announcement last Friday that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Likely voters prefer Biden over Trump on a number of issues that voters consider critically important in the race, including the coronavirus pandemic, health care, racial inequality, and nominations to the Supreme Court.

The poll suggests the debate itself may have helped to boost Biden. Those voters who say they watched last week's debate largely see Biden as having done the best job (57%), with only 26% saying Trump won the debate. 14% said neither candidate did well. 

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