China denounces US’s termination of ties with WHO

(VOVWORLD) - China has denounced the US after President Donald Trump said he will terminate the US's relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO).

China denounces US’s termination of ties with WHO - ảnh 1 (Photo: VNA)

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a regular press briefing on Monday that the international community widely disagrees with the US’s selfishness, evasion of responsibility, and undermining of international cooperation against the epidemic. In the face of the epidemic, he said, any suppression or blackmail of the WHO is a disregard for life, a challenge to humanitarianism, and destructive of international cooperation.

The spokesperson said China will honor its role as a responsible major country and support the WHO by taking on a position of leadership in tackling the virus. He called on the international community to pull together and increase political support and funding for the WHO.

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