COVID-19: US remains worst hit with more than 1 million infections

(VOVWORLD) - The world had recorded more than 3.3 million infections and more than 234,000 deaths as of 2 p.m Friday, according to statistics website worldometers. 

The US is the world hardest hit country with more than 1 million infections and about 63,000 deaths. The US government has provided support packages for industries, businesses, and workers since the beginning of the outbreak.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the UK is passing through the peak and that he recognized the urgency of lifting lockdown measures as soon as possible. However, he warned that this is the moment of maximum risk as he asked the public to contain their impatience with regards to the lockdown.

As of 6 a.m on Friday, Vietnam had gone six days with no new coronavirus infections and 15 days without community transmission.

China announced 12 new infections on Thursday, among which 6 were imported. South Korea on Friday reported more than 10 new infections after recording no new infections a day earlier. The government is planning on implementing social distancing measures and collecting public opinions about the draft of new guidelines centering on preventative hygiene measures that communities and individuals should follow when the country initiates "everyday life quarantine”.

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