Cuba's efforts to bring oil depot fire under control

(VOVWORLD) -Cuba has entered a fourth day of fighting a massive fire at a oil depot in Matanzas. 

Cuba's efforts to bring oil depot fire under control   - ảnh 1Helicopters spray water to extinguish fire at a oil depot in Matanzas, Cuba, on August 8, 2022. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Three aircraft of the Cuban Revolutionary Air Force have transported water from Matanzas Bay to try to cool the area down. At the scene, where three oil tanks collapsed after hours of intense fires, the plume of smoke has become more gray and less black than before. Many drones are being used in aerial firefighting operations.

On Friday evening, a 50,000 cubic-meter crude oil storage tank (equivalent to 20 Olympic - size swimming pools) in an industrial park near the Cuban city of Matanzas was struck by lightning, sparking a big fire.  The fire has killed 1 firefighter, 14 people are missing, and more than 100 people have suffered burns and inhalation of toxic fumes.