DPRK launches 16 short-range missiles

(VOVworld) – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has test-fired 16 short-range rockets from its southeastern coast in the past 24 hours.

DPRK launches 16 short-range missiles  - ảnh 1
The DPRK has launched several missiles tests over the past month

A spokesman for the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Defense said this has been the second day DPRK tested short-range rockets. The South Korean military said some 16 Frog rockets produced by the former Soviet Union were fired into the sea from Wonsan port on Sunday, following the launch of 30 on Saturday. Pyongyang said its rocket tests were routine, self-defence exercises. But South Korea and the US have raised concerns over North Korea’s high number of rocket tests, labeling them as provocative acts against Seoul and Washington joint military drills.

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