Forbes hails Vietnam’s economic achievements

(VOVworld) - Vietnam’s economic freedom index went up 2.3 points compared to last year and reached the overall score of 54, reported the Heritage Foundation in its recently published 2016 Index of Economic Freedom. The overall score put the country at the 131st position among the economies listed in the index. Regionally it ranked 27th in the Asia-Pacific region.

Forbes hails Vietnam’s economic achievements - ảnh 1

The report assessed that Vietnam has gradually been transforming itself into a more open, more market-oriented economy and is beginning to enjoy the benefits of its steady but slow integration into the global commercial system. Reforms have included partial privatization of state-owned enterprises, liberalization of the trade and investment regimes, and modernization of the financial sector, it added. Hong Kong (China) topped the 178 economies ranked in the 2016 Index with a score of 88.6 points, followed by Singapore, New Zealand, and Switzerland.