Global rallies call for climate change actions

(VOVworld) – 600,000 people worldwide paraded on Monday to call for action against climate change. The parade took place just a day before world leaders gather at a climate-change summit in New York. The event was proclaimed the largest climate protest worldwide in history. The “People’s Climate March” in New York was endorsed by more than 1,400 organizations and attended by 310,000 demonstrators. Among attendees in New York were UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, US former vice president Al Gore, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, and French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal.

Global rallies call for climate change actions - ảnh 1
People march during a rally against climate change in New York . (Photo: Reuters)
It was reported that another 270,000 people joined 2.500 events around the world in response to calls to protect the Earth. Scientists have warned that climate change can cause disastrous and irreversible consequences for humans, such as a rise in sea-level, melting ice, drought, flood, and harsh weather.
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