Indonesia: China’s 9-dash line claim violates UNCLOS

(VOVWORLD) - Indonesia has reiterated that China's claim of the nine-dash line lacks international legal basis and is tantamount to upset UNCLOS 1982". 

Indonesia stated its position on the matter in a note addressed to UN Secretary General António Guterres on May 26, where it opposed a series of circular notes filed by Being in relation to Malaysia's application to define the limits of its extended continent shelf. 

In particular, Indonesia cited China’s notes protesting Malaysia’s application itself, and later on, rejecting the Philippines’ and Vietnam’s positions on the matter.

The letter called for "full compliance towards international law" and Indonesia "not being bound by any claims made in contravention to international law including UNCLOS 1982".

The letter sent on 26th May to UN come at a time when China in letters to UN has protested against Malaysia on December 12, 2019, the Philippines on March 23, and against both Malaysia and Vietnam submissions by the ASEAN countries on the continental shelf on April 17.