IPU 132 pushes MDGs on maternal and child healthcare

(VOVworld) – “Access to health as a basic right: the role of parliaments in addressing key challenges to securing maternal and child health” was the topic for discussion of the Inter-parliamentary Union's Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights.

This content, debated Tuesday under the ongoing 132nd IPU General Assembly, was approved in the IPU-126 resolution in 2012.

IPU 132 pushes MDGs on maternal and child healthcare  - ảnh 1
Access to health services is a basic human right. (Photo: VNA)

Participants highlighted the importance of communications, financial resources, and specific regulations to ensure healthcare for mothers and children.

Canadian MP Libby Davies said:  “As parliamentarians, we need to understand where the problem lies so we can take actions to create a legislative framework and make budget allocations. That can allow all women and children to have access to healthcare. That’s what they need. I strongly believe that we need to make effort to focus national and international attention in this issue.”  

To accelerate the implementation of the IPU 126 resolution, Vietnam suggested parliaments complete legal documents on healthcare, particularly the maternal and child healthcare and increase monitoring of the enforcement of these documents.

Vietnam also underlined the need to improve parliamentarians’ capability and enhance information exchanges on law building and health services for mothers and children for different regions and the entire world.

On Tuesday, the Standing Committees on Peace and International Security, Sustainable Development, Finance, and Trade planned to adopt resolutions on cyber warfare and water resource management prior to submitting to the IPU plenary session.

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