Israel ranked among top 10 most innovative countries by UN

(VOVWORLD) - Israel was ranked among the world's top ten most innovative countries by the United Nations, for the first time, Israeli officials said on Thursday. 

The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued an official statement, saying the UN World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Innovation Index, an annual ranking of countries by their innovativeness, has ranked Israel at the top ten most innovative countries, out of 129 countries.
The index, which assesses the countries by using some different 80 indicators, will be present on next Wednesday in New Delhi, the World Intellectual Property Organization said on its website. The exact ranking will be presented only at the event, the organization said.
Israel has been advancing along the ladder of the index steadily: In 2016, it ranked 21st, in 2017 it gained the 17th place, and in 2018 it ranked 11th. This year marks the first time it enters the top ten list.

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