Lang Son province tightens measures against poultry smuggling

(VOVworld) – The type A/H7N9 influenza epidemic has been subject to complex growth and development in the world, especially in China where 100 people have been reported to have died.

Lang Son province tightens measures against poultry smuggling - ảnh 1
Spaying medicine to prevent H7N9 virus

Lang Son, a province bordering China, has actively implemented various activities to prevent and fight the epidemic. Nguyen Trong Nghia, head of the provincial Department for Market Management, said: "We have built a complex concrete wall made of barbed wire in vital areas where poultry smugglers may travel through. We have enhanced communications focusing on the impact of the illegal poultry trade to domestic production, the risks of virus infection to domestic poultry and people, and punishments for this illegal trade. We have also tightened patrols and quarantines in essential areas."

Lang Son province has established 24 guard stations in important areas and will open a mobile hospital in case H7N9 virus is detected in the province.