Macron, May questioned over Syria air strikes

(VOVWORLD) -Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday insisted last week’s strike on Syria was in Britain’s national interest as she explained to Parliament why she ordered the attack.
Macron, May questioned over Syria air strikes - ảnh 1  (Photo: AFP)

The Prime Minister faced questions from MPs who are angry she launched the military attack without securing the support of the Commons. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on the Parliament to approve a regulation that would  prevent the government from making military decisions without the approval of the Commons.

Members of France's National Assembly expressed their displeasure at President Emmanuel Macron's unilateral decision to attack Syria. They said President Macron failed to provide any proof of the Syrian government using chemical weapons.

The same day, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said President Donald Trump wants to withdraw US forces from Syria, but no exact timeline was provided. She said Mr. Trump wants to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but no plan has been devised.

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