NA deputies urge to stay vigilant to protect Vietnam’s sovereignty in the East Sea

(VOVWORLD) - Deputies to the on-going session of the National Assembly voiced their concern over complicated situation in the East Sea, including serious violation of international law and contradiction to senior level agreements. 

Deputy Tran Viet Khoa of Hanoi said this may threaten the safety and security of one of the world's most important maritime routes as well as regional security: “Vietnam had gone through many wars and understood the severity of war and losses for families. Protection of national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the responsibility of the whole Party, people and army. We should be on high alert and vigilant with all possible solutions to cope with possible situations for national interests to safeguard peace and stability for national development.”

Deputies confirmed Vietnam never concedes in any matter concerning national sovereignty and territorial integrity and maintains a peaceful and stable environment for national development. They asked for more government facilitation of fishing operation for fishermen’s contribution to maritime economy and national sea and island protection.