Naval soldiers infused with fighting spirit of first win 58 years ago

(VOVWORLD) -Winning the first battles on August 2 and 5, 1964 is a historic milestone in the history of the Vietnam People's Navy. 58 years have passed, but the heroic spirit and valuable lessons from this victory are still valid.

Naval soldiers infused with fighting spirit of first win 58 years ago - ảnh 1The anti-submarine defense fleet of Brigade 171, Navy Region 2, holds live-fire drill. Photo: VOV

Veteran Dinh Xuan Tong, former chief of electro-mechanical ship 339, 3rd Division, 135th Battalion, recalls that his combat unit attacked the Maddox destroyer of the US Navy, shot down an aircraft, forcing the enemy to flee from the waters of North Vietnam.

“I was very energetic at that time, very intense, comrades had to bravely rush into the most difficult places. I approached so close that the enemy couldn't shoot, then fired 2 torpedoes. At that time, enemy planes and warships were aggressive, my ship was injured,” Tong said. 

The squadron of torpedo boats that successfully drove the Maddox destroyer out of Vietnam's waters that year was the predecessor of Brigade 170 of Navy Region 1 and Brigade 172 of Naval Region 3 today.

Lieutenant Colonel Pham To Chinh, Politician of  Squadron 135, Brigade 170, Navy Region 1, said: “Every officer and soldier today always remembers the spirit of winning the first battle. We educate the tradition and train political bravery so that the officers and soldiers are firm and determined in carrying out the task of protecting the country's sovereignty over sea and islands.”

Today's Navy officers and soldiers continue their heroic tradition. From rudimentary and small ships progressing to modernity, the Navy now has a full range of 5 combat forces.