President Trump: US is considering to resume part of funding for WHO

(VOVWORLD) -President Donald Trump is reportedly reconsidering the suspension of US funding of the World Health Organisation and could restore its annual contribution partially, but only to match China’s 40 million USD, a tenth of its share of 400 million USD.

Sharing on his personal Twitter, President Trump unserscored that no final decision had been made and all US funding activities for WHO are still "frozen". 

The President suspended funding for the global health agency last month as the United States investigated the WHO’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The US has accused the world body of botching the initial response and, then, of siding with China to help it conceal the exact extent of the virus outbreak.

WHO officials had denied the claims while China has insisted it was transparent and open. Before President Trump decided to freeze the funding, the United States was the largest single donor of the WHO.