Russia expels 7 EU diplomats

(VOVWORLD) - The Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that it has expelled 7 diplomats from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia.
Russia expels 7 EU diplomats - ảnh 1The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Photo: AFP/VNA)

The diplomats have one week to leave Russia. The move came after the four countries expelled seven Russian diplomats last week, expressing solidarity with a similar move by the Czech Republic.

Tension between Russia and Czech escalated when last week, the Czech Republic ordered most of the Russian staff to leave their embassy in Prague after accusing Russian intelligence officers of being behind a 2014 explosion at an ammunition depot. Russia responded by expelling 20 staff members from the Czech Republic Embassy in Moscow. By the end of May, there will be 7 diplomats, 25 administrative staff members, and 19 local staff members in each embassy.
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