Thailand: Political instability escalates

Thailand: Political instability escalates - ảnh 1

Anti-government 'red shirt' protesters fight with Thai army soldiers at Thaicom Teleport and DTH Center on the outskirts of Bangkok in Pathum Thani province Friday. Photo: Reuters

(VOVworld)- More than 100 thousand protesters gathered at the center of Bangkok city on Sunday to demand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s resignation. Meanwhile, about 30 thousand people from the Red Shirt movement gathered at a football stadium on the outskirts of Bangkok to show their support for Yingluck’s government. Both groups announced to overnight protests ratcheting up the tension. In recent weeks, Bangkok has faced a wave of angry protests over a controversial amnesty bill that would pardon parties and individuals indicted after the 2004 conflict. According to the opposition forces, the main aim of the bill is to absolve former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from charges of killing unarmed protesters. The Thai Parliament on November 11 defeated this bill, but protesters still demanded that the current government, which they say is backed by Thaksin, resign.

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