The US asks DPRK to restrain from provocative acts

The US asks DPRK to restrain from provocative acts - ảnh 1
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (centre) watches a flight exercise and a military drill.
(Photo: Reuters)

(VOVworld) – One day after the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea conducting live-fire drills, spokesperson for the US State Department Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that Washington is closely watching the situation on the Korean peninsula and urged Pyongyang to restrain and limit activities causing tension in the region.
In another press conference, spokesperson for the US Defense Department, Navy Captain John Kirby, called on Pyongyang to stop provocative activities. The South Korean Defence Ministry said North Korea held a live-fire drill near the maritime boundary between the two Koreas, the Northern Limit Line (NLL), on April 28 after sending an advance notice of the drill to Seoul. South Korean troops have been on high alert and will retaliate if North Korea’s fire lands on the southern side of the NLL. 
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