Tourism reforms to safely adapt to COVID-19

(VOVWORLD) - Nhan Dan newspaper and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism organized a talkshow on COVID-19 tourism adaptation on Friday. Delegates discussed the tourist situation after 2 years of suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tourism reforms to safely adapt to COVID-19 - ảnh 1Online talkshow: Tourism safely adapts to COVID-19 (Photo:

Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung said the COVID-19 pandemic affects not only the economy but customers’ psychology, aspirations, and habits.

“State agencies should analyze predictions to make proper recommendations to travel associations and agencies. The Ministry asks provinces and cities to renew their tourism products. Each province should have one typical tourist product and safe connection plan to meet tourists’ demands in post-pandemic time which are small tour groups, safety, and package services,” Hung said.        

Vietnam has shifted its goal of no-coronavirus to safe and flexible adaptation and effective pandemic containment. Vietnam has focused on developing the domestic tourism market and prepares to welcome foreign travelers.
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