UK to begin using Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on December 8

(VOVWORLD) - The UK on Sunday received 800,000 doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and will begin to administer them to frontline health staff, people over 80, and nursing home workers on Tuesday. 
UK to begin using Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on December 8 - ảnh 1A technician prepares to store the first batch of vaccine at Croydon University Hospital in Croydon, the UK, on December 5, 2020. (Photo: AP) 

Refrigerated containers holding the vaccine doses have been arriving in the UK from Belgium, and are being prepared to be moved from secure locations to the hospitals.

In England, 50 hospitals have been chosen to serve as hubs for administering the vaccine. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will also begin vaccination programs on Tuesday.

So far the government has ordered 40 million doses, enough to vaccinate 20 million people, with two shots each, 21 days apart.

The UK government will only vaccinate people over 16, so approximately 55 million people will qualify. Vaccination in the UK will be watched by governments and health agencies around the world.

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