Unrest rises in Bolivia

(VOVWORLD) - La Paz police are asking for help from the Bolivian military, being unable to cope with the situation on the streets. Bolivian Armed Forces Commander Williams Kaliman said that  the Bolivian army will assist  police  in the situation.

Media reported earlier that supporters of President Evo Morales, who resigned on Sunday, took to the streets of the capital in protest.

Due to the actions of the protesters, the parliament was evacuated, where at that time a meeting was being held with the participation of Bolivia’s  Second Vice Speaker of the Senate Jeanine Anez, who is expected to be appointed as the country's interim president on Tuesday. Ms. Anez promised to call an early election that reflects the Bolivian people’s choice.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said Mexico granted political asylum status to former Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Brazil says it will close the border with Bolivia until the latter has a new President. A source from the Brazilian Foreign Ministry says that the situation in Bolivia will be high on the agenda of the BRICS summit in Brasilia on Wednesday.

The European Union is calling for calm in Bolivia and says it stands ready to send election observers to monitor any new polls if a request is made.