Vietnam radio in international integration

(VOVworld) - Vietnam radio, including Radio the Voice of Vietnam and 68 local radio stations, has more than half a century of tradition. It has made full use of its advantages and modernized its program contents and technology to meet the expectations of a modern audience. Our reporter Bui Hang reports on Vietnam radio in international integration to mark the first World Radio Day.

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You’re listening to a radio program being broadcast live for 7 hours on January 27th, 2013, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Paris Agreement which ended war and restored peace in Vietnam. This is one of many programs that Radio the Voice of Vietnam and Vietnam’s radio sector produce every day. Radio the Voice of Vietnam has increased the number of its live programs covering important events, current affairs, and special events. This shows that Vietnam radio, especially Radio the Voice of Vietnam, is strongly integrating with world radio in the era of global information. Journalist Nguyen Thi Hang Nga is Deputy Head of the Current Affairs section of the Department of Current Affairs and Politics, Radio the Voice of Vietnam: "Our current affairs programs have undergone changes over the past few years. For example, in the past, our current affairs program at noon focused on current affairs, and political and socio-economic news. But now this program has been modernized to cover not only breaking political news but also people’s welfare issues. We’ve also increased our broadcasting time and made the program closer to life by linking to domestic and foreign bureaus to bring on-location reports to the studio".

Beside live programs, the radio sector also make full use of direct, open and update functions of radio channels to extend the broadcasting time for new and hot burning issues and reflect daily events in the fastest way. The listeners can directly take part in the program to make it closer to the listeners serving as a forum where people can share their ideas and experiences. Journalist Do Bich, Deputy Director of Quang Ninh Radio and Television, said: "We’re aiming to increase the number of live programs in a day with directness, discussion and interaction being the main criteria. Listeners will be invited to the studio and have live direct talks with presenter and editor. In this way, listeners can follow the flow of the events".

To keep up with world radio, Vietnam’s radio sector has changed communication forms and increased listeners’ approach. Most notably, Radio the Voice of Vietnam keeps updating its broadcasting and transmission technology and using advanced radio and television devices, the world wide web, and user-friendly telecommunications facilities. The renovation of technology and information transmitting forms is the most vigorous change of Radio the Voice of Vietnam in the context of global digital information. Nguyen Xuan Huy is Head of VOV’s Broadcasting Technology center: "In recent years, Radio the Voice of Vietnam has made a special investment in transmission, broadcasting and channel coverage. We’ve also increased our coverage in remote areas so that our radio programs can reach everyone in the country. Radio the Voice of Vietnam also plans to expand coverage in America, Europe, the Middle East and Vietnam’s neighbors".

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With the advantages of directness, flexibility and speed, Vietnam radio has created a firm foothold among domestic and international listeners. Vietnam’s radio sector has continuously improved the quality of its programs and interacted with the internet, TV and print newspapers to meet the increasing modern demand for information.
Bui Hang