Vietnam’s human rights magazine marks 5th anniversary

(VOVworld) - July 14th marks the 5th anniversary of the first publication of Vietnam’s human rights magazine. The magazine is tasked with popularizing Party and State policies and legal regulations on human rights to help Vietnamese people at home and abroad, as well as the international community, better understand that protecting human rights is a fundamental part of Vietnam’s regime. The magazine also aims to counteract misunderstandings and fight distorted and hostile arguments. Since its establishment, the magazine has objectively reported on up-to-date aspects of life in Vietnam, acting as a forum for exchanging information and connecting the government steering committee on human rights with people across Vietnam.

Vietnam’s human rights magazine marks 5th anniversary - ảnh 1
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Mr. Kiều Đình Thụ, Vice Chairman of the Government Office, asked the magazine to improve its work on disseminating human and citizens’ rights, as well as national rights, to create a consenting voice in society and call for international support, especially as democratic and human rights issues are priorities for so many nations.