Vietnam’s Muslim community begin holy month of Ramadan

(VOVWORLD) -As Muslims around the world begin the holy month of Ramdan on Wednesday, the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City held a meeting with representatives of the city's Muslim community. 
Vietnam’s Muslim community begin holy month of Ramadan   - ảnh 1Leaders of Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City present a gift to representatives of the city's Muslim community. Photo: VOV

This was one of the activities to follow the Party's and State's religious policies of encouraging Muslims to continue to involve in patriotic emulation movements, build and protect the city, contribute to building the great national unity.

Ms. Saly Kho, a representative of the Cham Muslims in Phong Phu commune, Binh Chanh district, is one of the meeting attendees. She said: “The Cham Muslims consider the month of Ramadan to be the holiest. We are very happy that every year city leaders come to visit us. Today, the Front also visited us on the occasion of Ramadan. The city leaders and all levels are interested in the fasting month of the Cham community in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s heartwarming.”

On Wednesday, thousands of Ba Ni Cham Muslims in Binh Thuan province gathered in their cemeteries to perform the ritual of grave rearranging to enter the month of fasting called Ramuwan.

Mr. Imum Sot, a member of the Ba Ni Muslim and Monk Council of Binh Thuan province, said: “Rearranging the grave for three-four days to invite grandparents home, and at the same time, invite grandparents to the mosque to celebrate Ramuwan New Year for a month. On this occasion, the commune, district and provincial authorities pay great attention to the Cham ethnic people, every year they give us gifts.”

Representatives of the Party Committee, People's Committee and the Vietnam Fatherland Front of Binh Thuan province visited and extended warmest wishes to the Muslims.