Dien Bien ethnic minority man shines in economic production

(VOVWORLD) - Mr. Po Dan Xinh, former Chairman of Sin Thau commune in Dien Bien province, is known for his initiatives to develop the local economy and help local people escape poverty. 
Dien Bien ethnic minority man shines in economic production - ảnh 1

Mr. Po Dan Xinh. (Photo: Ngoc Anh/ VOV5)

As a Party member, Mr. Po Dan Xinh has held various positions in Sin Thau commune.

“I was one of the few people in my area to attend high school and get a tertiary education. After I graduated from university, I joined a group of war veterans and border soldiers to communicate Party and State policies to local people," said Xinh.

"I also applied what I learned at university to improve the local economy. First, I bought a rice hulling machine and began a model that integrated gardening, fish breeding, and animal husbandry. I earn approximately 8,600 USD per year from fish breeding, afforestation, and running a hostel,” he added.

Po Dan Xinh was admitted to the Communist Party after he saved a child from drowning. Over the years, Xinh’s family has received many certificates of merits for agricultural production and business.

During more than 20 years serving as Party Secretary and Chairman of Sin Thau commune, Po Dan Xinh helped to eliminate many unsound customs and drug addiction.

His model integrating gardening, fish breeding, and animal husbandry is now followed by many local households. Mr. Ly Kim Khai, a Ha Nhi ethnic who lives in Sin Thau commune, said, “Po Dan Xinh is a prominent person in the Ha Nhi ethnic community who has contributed to economic growth and poverty reduction”.

Dien Bien ethnic minority man shines in economic production - ảnh 2 Mr. Po Dan Xinh's fish pond. (Photo: Ngoc Anh/ VOV5) 

Seeing Ha Nhi culture beginning to disappear, Po Dan Xinh began collecting Ha Nhi customs, traditions, folk melodies, and folk tales.

“I have worked with the elderly and artisans to revive Ha Nhi culture, including Xoe dance, knitting, and worshipping rituals. I have encouraged young people to respect Party and State policies and guidelines to continue developing culturally,” he said.