Doctor Nguyen Duc Vy brings happiness to infertile couples

(VOVworld) – During 30 years in the field of obstetrics, Professor Nguyen Duc Vy has brought happiness to thousands of infertile couples. Though he is now retired, Vy continues to help patients with his experience in complicated micro-surgery.

Doctor Nguyen Duc Vy brings happiness to infertile couples - ảnh 1

Every Tuesday the examination room of the National Obstetrics Hospital in Hai Ba Trung street in Hanoi is more crowded than usual because doctor Vy is on duty. With his experience in performing the most difficult micro-surgical techniques involving uterus tubes, Doctor Vy has brought happiness and hope to many infertile women and their families. Nguyen Thi Hanh of Mong Duong, Quang Ninh province has miscarried five times. She spent a lot of money to find a cure but her efforts were all in vain. In 2010 she met Doctor Vy who helped to solve her problem. Hanh has given birth to a healthy boy. She said: “After 10 years, I’ve given birth to a 2.7kg boy. I can’t express my happiness with words. I and my family are grateful to Professor Vy.”

Hanh is just one of the thousands of cases that Doctor Vy has treated with success. Vy was the first person in Vietnam to successfully applying micro-surgery to help sterilized women to conceive again. He laid the foundation for the research of in-vitro fertilization at the National Obstetrics Hospital. The hospital received the first baby thanks to this technique in 2001 and ever since the success rate has been 35%. Doctor Vy said: “I’ve never gotten tired of what I’m doing since I became a doctor at Hai Duong hospital. When I was Director of the National Obstetrics Hospital I conducted surgical operations on cases related to digestion, bladder, and ureter.”

Doctor Vy impressed everyone with his sympathy for the patients and passion for the work. Hoang Thi Dao of Hung Yen province said: “Doctor Vy is a kind-hearted person who always cares about the patients. I remember that before my operation, he encouraged me not to worry. I wish that many more patients could meet him.”

Many of Doctor Vy’s research projects have received international awards. He has been presented the Labor Order, 3rd Class, by the state and has been many times honored by the authorities of Hanoi.