Ethnic minority nurse dedicated to COVID-19 patients

(VOVWORLD) - Over the past months, 33-year-old nurse H’Wi Buon Ya in the Central Highland province of Dak Lak, has been busy taking care of COVID-19 patients at a field hospital in her locality. She considers the patients her close friends and is ready to help them at any time they need. 

Ethnic minority nurse dedicated to COVID-19 patients - ảnh 1Nurse H’Wi Buon Ya gives medical checks to a patients at Field Hospital 1. (Photo: VOV)

Nurse H’Wi Buon Ya starts her day by giving medical checks to her patients and supporting other colleagues. She encourages her patients to think positively, respond to the treatment to recover soon.

“When I first worked at the province’s field hospital, I felt homesick and worried about the spread of the disease. Gradually, I became more committed to my work and try my best to help the patients, so that they can recover and get well soon,” she said.

H’Wi Buon Ya said though she has been involved in the medical sector for 10 years, her work at the field hospital is quite different. She takes care of people of different ages with different health conditions, including the elderly, children, and pregnant women. Many can’t look after themselves as they are isolated, and have to turn to nurses for help. Each of H’Wi Buon Ya’s work shift lasts 7 hours. Whenever she has free time, H’Wi Buon Ya contacts her husband and her little daughter.

“I miss my husband and my daughter so much. I hope that the pandemic will soon subside, so that I can return home,” said H’Wi Buon Ya.

Tran Thi Que, a nurse from Field Hospital 1 says H’Wi Buon Ya is a responsible and dedicated nurse. She also works as a translator to help ethnic patients and medical workers understand one another. Que said language barriers are the biggest obstacle to medical treatment. 

“Many patients are of ethnic groups and have limited understanding of the official Vietnamese language. H’Wi Buon Ya helps a lot in making people understand one another to facilitate the treatment. She also talks to patients and encourage them to recover soon,” said Que.

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains unpredictable, H’Wi Buon Ya as well as other healthcare workers continue to work tirelessly to help patients who are still struggling with their diseases.