Ethnic Party member helps improve local people’s lives

(VOVWORLD) - Party members in mountainous areas play an important role in communicating with the people and serving as a bridge connecting people and reflecting their aspirations to the Party. Thao A Tua is a prestigious Party member in Thuan Chau district, Son La province, who has worked to improve local people’s lives.

Ethnic Party member helps improve local people’s lives - ảnh 1

Thao A Tua (first from right) sets up a charity stall for disadvantaged locals.

(Photo: Son La newspaper)

Visiting hamlets and teaching the local people better agricultural techniques is the daily activity of Thao A Tua. In recent years, orchards of mangoes and passion fruit have replaced fields of maize and cassava, which have proven unprofitable here. Thanks to A Tua’s advice, many local people have abandoned their old farming practices.

“In recent years, local farmers have shifted to growing medlars and passion fruit, which generate more income,” said Ms. Giang Thi May of the Mong ethnic minority in Pha Khuong hamlet.

Realizing that many schools lack facilities, A Tua called for support from donors to build houses for day boarders.

“A Tua has helped our school build two houses covering an area of 110 square meters. The pupils now can study in good conditions,” said Ms. Ngo Thu Huyen, Head of Co Ma 1 primary school.

A Tua also mobilized resources to set up and maintain a charity stall at the central market in Co Ma commune. Every Thursday, the stall provides poor people with clothes, blankets, and other necessities. In the past 2 years, more than 10,000 people have benefited from the stall.

“The stall receives items donated by the haves and delivers them to the have-nots. I requested support on social media and received a response from many local people,” said A Tua.

Co Ma is a poor commune, where 68 percent of the local people live in poverty. In recent years, the area has seen economic and cultural improvement.