“Farmers’ Scientist” in northwestern mountains

(VOVWORLD) - Agronomist Pham Han Hanh of Mai Son district, Son La province, was one of 53 scientists honored last year for their contributions to the agricultural sector. Hanh has helped many farmers in Vietnam’s northwestern mountains improve their production with his innitiatives and new techniques. 
“Farmers’ Scientist” in northwestern mountains   - ảnh 1 Pham Han Hanh (L)

Farmer Nguyen Van Dat of Mai Son district, has 2 hectares of orchards, mainly custard apples. Using traditional cultivation methods, Dat harvested 3 to 5 tons of custard apples per hectare. 8 years ago, a new pollination technique for custard apples developed by Hanh helped Dat raise his productivity more than 600 percent. Dat says he now earns more than 13,000 USD a year growing custard apples and other fruits: “The new pollination method has helped the custard apples look greener and taste better. Now, 100 percent of local households use this technique”.

Another of Hanh’s cultivation techniques for green-skin pomelos has also been successful, bringing Son La farmers higher incomes. Thanks to the technique, green- skin pomelo trees can now produce fruit all year round. The new method also reduces insect pests and produces seedless pomelos.

Farmer Nguyen Thi Lan of Mai Son district, said she earns thousands of dollars per year from 1.5 hectares of orchard, using Hanh’s pollination technique.

“With this technique, every pomelo flower is pollinated. This method produces higher-quality products,” Lan added.

Hanh also has a number of other initiatives being widely used by farmers in Son La and neighboring areas - running electricity generators on biogas, methods to improve pig fertility, and a home model of chicken egg incubator. Dang Thuy Hue, Deputy Head of the Agricultural Service Center in Mai Son district, said: “Many of Hanh’s initiatives have proved effective and are now used in local agricultural production. These models are expected to be replicated in the coming months”.

“Farmers’ Scientist” in northwestern mountains   - ảnh 2

Having worked as an agronomist for more than 22 years, Hanh understands the problems of the farmers.

“I have tried my best to come up with new ideas and methods to help them increase their production,” said Hanh.

Pham Han Hanh has been honored twice by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour and has received a number of awards, including the Luong Dinh Cua Award for his great contributions to the agricultural sector.