Mekong Delta artisan earns millions of dollars from ornamental trees

(VOVWORLD) - Passionate about ornamental trees for many years, artisan Bui Quoc Nam of Can Giuoc district, Long An province, has created many unique art works of bonsai, winning prizes at competitions. Nam has also generated many jobs.

Mekong Delta artisan earns millions of dollars from ornamental trees - ảnh 1Artisan Bui Quoc Nam and his bonsai trees. (Photo: VOV)

Nam’s bonsai have appeared at many exhibitions and competitions in Ho Chi Minh city. 9 years ago, a tamarind bonsai created by Nam won first prize 3 consecutive years. For 30 years, Nam has been exploring the Mekong Delta looking for valuable trees. His skillful hands turn rough stumps into fantastically shaped bonsai worth millions of dollars. Nam currently has more than 200 bonsai trees.

Few people would guess that Nam came up from poverty. He started out driving a motorbike taxi. In 1994, growing bonsai was still his second profession, and his early days were extremely difficult.

Nam spent much of the money he earned as a driver on ornamental trees. Whenever he saw a beautiful ornamental tree, he tried to buy it. If the tree was too expensive, he would borrow some money. Nam says a bonsai tamarind tree is more valuable if it has fruit.

It takes 4 years to produce a bonsai tamarind. To create bonsai, particularly bonsai tamarinds, a grower must have sharp eyes when choosing embryos.

“I saved up my money to buy a rare embryo. After growing it for some time, I sold it for 450 USD. I don’t mind travelling to distant areas to find rare embryos,” said Nam.

In Nam’s garden, there are many types of bonsai, but tamarind trees account for the greatest number.

Mekong Delta artisan earns millions of dollars from ornamental trees - ảnh 2Nam currently has more than 200 bonsai trees. (Photo: VOV)

According to Nguyen Ngoc Nhan, head of the Bonsai Association of Can Giuoc district, Nam is respected by many people.

Nam is ready to share his bonsai knowledge and experience with others, according to Nhan, who said, “Nam has shared his expertise and has generated many jobs. He has been honored at the provincial and central level.”

Many young people who have learned bonsai techniques from Nam now earn 400 USD per month. Tran Hong Dang Phong of Can Giuoc said that after 3 years learning from Nam, he has opened his own ornamental tree garden.

“I have nearly 100 bonsai trees. By growing and selling bonsai trees, I now earn more money and have improved the living conditions of my family,” Phong said.