Nguyen Van Tiep and his free English class for students

(VOVworld) – With his wish to popularize English for students, 25-year-old Nguyen Van Tiep has started more than 20 free English classes. With his great enthusiasm, Tiep has promoted English learning in Hanoi.

Nguyen Van Tiep and his free English class for students - ảnh 1
Young teacher Nguyen Van Tiep (Photo: hoahoctro)

Nguyen Van Tiep’s English class is well-equipped and includes the participation of native English teachers. Tiep and his colleagues have maintained these classes for 2 years and they have attracted lots of students from universities and colleges in Hanoi. Tiep talked about his reasons for opening free English classes: “When I was small, I wished to attend an English course but I couldn’t because my family was poor. I think that many people may have the same wish as me but they have no chance. Moreover, I had opportunities to meet foreigners and go abroad, and I realized that the Vietnamese would experience great changes if more people knew English”.

At first, Tiep had lots of difficulties learning English. In his first year at the Academy of Finance, Tiep’s English score was not high. After that, with effort and practice, Tiep made great progress and then led his class in English. In order to achieve that score, Tiep spent up to 10 hours a day learning. Apart from English classes, Tiep searched documents and information at the library and on the internet. He also wandered around Hoan Kiem lake to meet and speak to foreigners. In his second student year, he started working as an English tutor and in 2011 was one of the cofounders of an English center for students. Following his passion, Tiep went to the Philippines to study how to both learn and teach English. After that trip, Tiep opened free classes for disadvantaged students in Hanoi. So far, nearly 1,000 students have attended his classes. Apart from teaching grammar, learners also have an opportunity to practice speaking English to foreigners and go camping to practice in English. Tiep’s class has attracted an increasing number of participants. Nguyen Huu Hoa is one of them: “At first, I came here out of curiosity. Then, I saw that the learning and teaching environment is professional with enthusiastic teachers. I decided to follow this class”.

Nguyen Thuy Tien is another learner: “Though the class is free, the quality is good. Teaching is professional, and the teachers and learners and friendly and helpful”.

The first class was at the Academy of Finance. It then opened at other sites such as the University of Natural Resources and Environment, and the National University of Economics. Despite some difficulties with the facilities, their great enthusiasm and passion encouraged Tiep and his friends to continue to develop more free classes. Nguyen Thanh Trung is an English teacher: “We share a great passion for English. And we want to do something to make our society better”.

Tiep said his students’ progress and determination were major motivations for him to maintain the classes. He plans to create an English online forum to connect more young people in the future.