War invalid helps farmers in agricultural production

(VOVWORLD) - War invalid Nguyen Quang Toan of Nhu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province, fought in the American war and, later, in the southwestern border defense war in 1979. After returning from the army, Toan focused on production. Since then, he has created many jobs and reduced poverty in his locality.

War invalid helps farmers in agricultural production  - ảnh 1Veteran Nguyen Quang Toan. (Photo: VOV)

After the war, Nguyen Quang Toan suffered great physical pain from his war wounds. However, his memory of the war gave him the strength to carry on.

“That was during the difficult subsidy period in Vietnam. Our main food was oats and cassava. My hometown at that time was still on uncultivated land. Then, under the government’s new policies, I set up a brick kiln, expanded  production, and generated jobs for many people,” Toan recalled.

With the spirit of a soldier, Toan was determined to increase his production and defeat poverty. First, he and his family began breeding chickens and fish and growing fruit trees on 5,000 square meters of land. Toan then expanded his operation until he was earning around 8,600 USD a year. Mr. Le Van Tinh of Yen Tho commune calls Toan a business role model in his area.

“With the spirit of a soldier, war invalid Nguyen Quang Toan always tries his hardest. He is a role model not only in production, but also in following Party guidelines and State policies and the new rural development program,” said Tinh.

Toan takes a vanguard role in applying technology in farming and husbandry. He likes to share his production experience and has helped many others develop their production and improve their income. 

“War invalid Nguyen Quang Toan is a role model of great will and determination. He has proved the spirit of ‘down but not out,’” said Tran Anh Tuan, deputy head of Nhu Thanh district’s Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.