Children’s rights to play

(VOVWORLD) - In tandem with economic development, more playgrounds are being created for children with various exciting activities designed to help them improve their social skills.
Children’s rights to play  - ảnh 1Hanoi's Cau Giay Park.

Parents are making every effort to ensure their children’s ability to interact and play with their peers while exploring their communities. 

Hanoi’s Cau Giay Park is often  fully packed with parents and their kids during weekends and on holidays with its many outdoor activities. They enjoy fun-filled days  on the playground, playing on the swings, see-saw, climbing net and trampoline. Trinh Thi Thanh of Hanoi’s Hoai Duc district told VOV: "This park is very spacious with a lot of green areas for the kids to play and  exercise. After a busy week, this is a great time for us to take our kids out and have fun and explore our local community."

Le Nguyen Minh Chau said she is very excited whenever her parents take her to parks and nearby playgrounds. "I love to visit the Thu Le zoo where I can join the other kids to watch the animals and play  games like fishing and painting objects and animal figurines," said Chau.

Children’s rights to play  - ảnh 2The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology  

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has become a popular destination for both local people and visitors. Tran Van Dai of Hanoi’s Cau Giay district told VOV: "I take my children to this museum to help them better understand  Vietnam’s ethnic groups and our many cultural traditions. We also take them to shopping malls and playgrounds  for more outdoor activities."

Progress has been seen in realizing certain of the set targets in Vietnam’s national action program for children in the period of 2012-2020, including in healthcare and physical education. 

Children’s rights to play  - ảnh 3 Hanoi's Cau Giay Park.

Tran Thi Thanh Thanh, former Chairwoman of the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Children's Rights (VAPCR), asked the government to create favorable conditions for localities at all levels to build more playgrounds  of high quality for the children. 

"Public engagement is much needed in any  activity related to children and proper policies and instructions are necessary in this effort. Children in rural areas should be introduced further to natural products and environmentally friendly items to learn more about where they live," said Thanh. 

Nguyen Trong An, former director of the Department of Child Affairs of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, said: "Entertaining activities for children must be  guaranteed by the government, especially for those living in disadvantaged and remote areas. Public engagement is always welcome and furthermore there should be clear regulations stated in the Law on this matter."