Family values treasured in modern lifestyle

(VOVWORLD) - As society develops, Vietnamese people try to keep their family values alive as an important background to grow.

Family values treasured in modern lifestyle  - ảnh 1Illustrative photo:

A family of four generations living together used to be popular in the past as it represented a typical family with rich values and traditions. Nguyen Van Nha’s family of Phu Dien resettlement area in Hanoi’s Bac Tu Liem district is one such family with 3 generations living together. Dinner is a time for everyone in Nha’s family to sit around the dining table and share their day. Children and grand children often offer food to their grandparents and parents before eating.

 "Inheriting traditional culture means inheriting the beautiful customs from our predecessors. People are advised to greet each other when they arrive home or visit any places, and offer food to elders during meal time. We should teach our children and grandchildren to do that with joy and love to make meal time a time of love," said Nha.

There has never been an argument between the three generations in Nha’s family. All members are always ready to join hands for both joys and burdens in life. Le Thi Hong Nhung is Mr. Nha’s daughter in law. Over the past decade, Nhung went from a young girl inexperienced in housework, to taking good care of the whole family with the help of her mother in-law.

"I found it not easy at first living with many generations in a family. However, my mother in law is a very industrious person and I’ve learnt a lot from her. Now I think I’m lucky to live in such a loving family and my children can benefit a lot living in such a loving environment," said Nhung.
Family values treasured in modern lifestyle  - ảnh 2Illustrative photo:

Nhung said her life has been much easier with the support of her parents in law. Their loving and care has created a good environment for her children to grow and Nhung can focus more on her work. Nhung and her husband have decided to live with their parents although they can afford their own house.

"Many young people would love to live independently in their own houses. However, living in a big family with many generations gives us more love and care, we can take better care of our parents while our children benefit by living in a big family," said Nhung's husband Tuan Anh.

Le Phu Dinh and his wife Tran Thi Duong of Trung Le commune, Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh province, established a moral and loving lifestyle for their children and grandchildren. Although they don’t live with their children or grand children, they prepare a big meal for the whole family to gather every weekend for many years. Ms. Duong told VOV: "Every Saturday night, we cook a big meal for all family members to join. We cook together, both men and women, and enjoy the meal together. During the meal we talk a lot and share with each other everything happening in our life."

Mr. Dinh and Ms. Duong agreed that such gatherings have helped maintain their family values and love over the past 30 years even though their children live far away from them.