French friends’ fond memories of President Ho Chi Minh

(VOVWORLD) - Talking about President Ho Chi Minh, French friends of the Vietnamese people always express their admiration for the beloved leader. President Ho Chi Minh’s 129th birthday on May 19 was an occasion for them to recall their fond memories of Uncle Ho. 
French friends’ fond memories of President Ho Chi Minh - ảnh 1 Ho Chi Minh space inside Montreuil city's Museum of Living History in France.

In late 1990s, the authorities of Paris’ district 17 decided to rebuild House No. 9 on Compoint alley, where President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked from 1921 to 1923 during his journey to search ways for national salvation. The Vietnamese embassy in Paris joined hands with relevant French authorities to keep all of President Ho Chi Minh’s belongings left in that house and display some of them at the outskirts city of Montreuil’s Museum of Living History. Uncle Ho’s desk, books, and even the sink in his room at the House No.9 are on display at Ho Chi Minh space inside the museum. The display is designed to help Vietnamese people and international friends gain a deeper understanding of President Ho Chi Minh’s sentiments toward the French and the years he spent in France.

French friends’ fond memories of President Ho Chi Minh - ảnh 2Gilbert Schoon, former Director of Montreuil city’s Museum of Living History, in an interview with VOV. 

"I was very impressed with President Ho Chi Minh’s strong will and determination as well as his sacrifice for Vietnam’s liberation and independence. He always put other people first. He is not only one of the greatest characters of the 20th century, but also a leader with incredible virtues, while being simple but noble. This is reflected through the way he dressed and worked in the fields with farmers. I had a chance to visit his house in Vietnam, saw his bicycle and his bedroom. I was very moved with his simple lifestyle and what he did for the Vietnamese people. He showed the world that oppressed nations at that time, including Algeria, should liberate themselves from invaders and win their own independence," said Gilbert Schoon, former Director of Montreuil city’s Museum of Living History.

French friends’ fond memories of President Ho Chi Minh - ảnh 3A ceremony to mark President Ho Chi Minh's birth anniversary at Montreau Park on May 17, 2019. 

The embassy in France held a ceremony to mark the late President’s birth anniversary in Paris late last week. Following the ceremony, the delegation laid flowers at House No. 9 on Compoint alley in Paris’s District 17. The embassy has also joined hands with authorities of the outskirts city of Montreuil to organize a similar event at the Ho Chi Minh Space in Montreau Park. Philippe Lamarche, Montreuil’s Deputy Governor, said the locality is proud to be the city of friendship and solidarity with Vietnamese people. He told VOV: "A communist myself, I understand how much President Ho Chi Minh contributed to promoting our ideology of peace and independence for every nation and strengthening relations between Vietnam and France. President Ho Chi Minh and what he has done will live forever in memories of French communists. We feel honored to join celebrations of his birth anniversary and recall fond memories of him."

Many years have gone by but the feelings and memories of French friends as well as peace-loving people around the world towards President Ho Chi Minh, a great leader of the Vietnamese people, have remained intact, and will last forever.