National dance and music festival in Dak Lak

(VOVWORLD) - The 2nd National Dance and Music Festival 2022 featuring 300 performances by 1,000 artists took place in Buon Ma Thuot city from June 17-30.  The two-week festival was organised by the Performing Arts Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Vietnam Composers’ Association, and the Vietnam Dancers’ Association.

National dance and music festival in Dak Lak - ảnh 1A performance at the Festival

A performance by Binh Duong province’s art troupe called “Binh Duong-Warm Land-Human Love” had two chapters: "Warm Land" and "Human Love." It introduced Binh Duong’s development history from the old time of land reclamation, village settlement, establishment of traditional crafts, until now when the province has become a modern industrial hub.

Tran Thanh Son, Director of Binh Duong province’s Culture and Art Center, said: “This is a professional Dance and Music Festival, so all performances must be well prepared. It took us more than two months to practice. We use the musical materials of Binh Duong province such as ceramic jars and bottles, and wood pieces to assemble a folk orchestra. It’s the uniqueness of our performance.” 

National dance and music festival in Dak Lak - ảnh 2

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the artists had several difficulties for rehearsal. Singer A Tam of Kon Tum province’s Art Troupe, said: “After the pandemic, all artists are eager to perform at the festival. The managers and artists have worked hard in a short time to prepare for this special event.”

The effort of every artist and art troupe contributed to the success of the festival, bringing different art genres closer to the public.

Dancer Nguyen Minh Hoang of Binh Duong province’s art troupe said: “There were blood, sweat, and tears during the training process. But we tried to overcome hardship to improve ourselves to follow the senior colleagues’ steps to shine bright on the stage.”

Dang Gia Duan, Deputy Director of Dak Lak province’s Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said: “We have well prepared for the festival from content to facilities such as sound, light, accommodations, logistics, and other services. The festival participants praised Dak Lak for well organizing the festival.”

National dance and music festival in Dak Lak - ảnh 3

The festival saw many high-quality performances. Besides performances that highlighted local folk features, there were many works using contemporary art which featured the diversity of Vietnam’s music and dance.

Chairman of the Festival’s Arts Council, People’s Artist, musician Nguyen Trong Dai said: “The overall quality of music and dance performances has improved despite many difficulties of the pandemic. There are excellent artists. Many new works made their debut on this occasion. Diverse cultural flows in the Vietnamese music converged and shined at the festival.”

124 medals were awarded to excellent performances and artists at the festival to honor best director, best conductor, best musician, best choreographer, best lead vocalist, and best main dancer. The festival has left strong impression on both performers and festival goers.

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