“Running bamboo kid” -- a unique concert for children

(VOVWORLD) - A concert called “Running bamboo kid” by New Vitality Bamboo Ensemble recently took place at the Vincom Center for Contemporary Art in Hanoi, combining traditional ethnic musical instruments and Western music.

“Running bamboo kid” -- a unique concert for children - ảnh 1A concert called “Running bamboo kid” by New Vitality Bamboo Ensemble takes place in Hanoi in late May (Photo: VOV)

The concert combined storytelling with traditional and modern folk music. Through the narration of American Sarah Jean Matthews, who has lived and studied for years in Vietnam, the story of the running bamboo kid describes the journey of young bamboo. Each part of the story is a unique combination of Western music and Vietnamese musical instruments such as the t'rung, bamboo percussion, and the bamboo flute.

Nguyen Tuyet, who attended the concert, said, "I was very impressed by the well-prepared concert. My 7-year-old was very excited and focused throughout. The combination is actually very trendy, and helps young people understand and love traditional Vietnamese culture."

Tran Tuyet Lan, another audience member said, "I think the concert was very suitable for young people because of its combination of traditional and contemporary elements. Young people are growing up in a digital world and are more exposed to modern culture than traditional culture."

The concert featured artist Dinh Hoai Xuan on the cello. "I’ve performed on many stages but this stage was particularly close to the children. I showed up in a princess dress and received loud applause from the young audience, which made me very happy," she said. She continued that a piece of music called “Swan” by a French composer that combines the cello and the Vietnamese t'rung lute to create a very smooth blend excited both the children and their parents.

“Running bamboo kid” -- a unique concert for children - ảnh 2The concert attracts children thanks to its combination between traditional and modern music elements. (Photo: VOV)

Each performance was composed by talented conductor Dong Quang Vinh, who is working to promote Vietnamese folk music to the world. The conductor has spent years researching, composing and making music arrangements to create a concert that impresses children. Conductor Vinh was also the Music Director: 

All musical instruments are made of bamboo, reflecting the life of Vietnamese people, Vinh said, adding that the concert is not dedicated only to children but also foreigners who want to learn about Vietnamese traditional music.

Vinh said, "There’s actually no particular kind of music that suits only a small number of listeners. The importance is that whether the artist wants to reach out to the audience then he will find a way. I spent a lot of time learning about my audience, listening to the music or movies that children like to understand their music taste. It took me nights arranging music for the concert."


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