Summer playground set up for mountain children

(VOVWORLD) - The children in the mountainous communes of Bach Thong district, Bac Kan province, are entering the summer with lots of activities originated by the local Youth Union. They can learn to swim, play sports, sing Then, and play the Tinh musical instrument.

Summer playground set up for mountain children  - ảnh 1The children are taught basic swimming skills and how to give first aid to a drowning victim (Photo: VOV)

The Vi Huong stream rang with the laughter of children taking the swimming class opened this summer by the Youth Union. Joining in the class, the children are taught basic swimming skills and how to give first aid to a drowning victim. The chosen swimming zones are safe and suitable for different ages.

According to Ngoc Huy Huan, Secretary of Vi Huong commune’s Youth Union, “the class is taught by the Deputy Secretary of the commune’s Youth Union, who is also a security personnel. He has mastered basic swimming skills. In the summer, the swimming class is open every day.”

During the summer months, local children usually help their parents in the field, gather hay, herd the buffaloes, and go swimming in the river. The risk of drowning is a great concern of many parents.

Trieu Thi Duc who lives in Thuy Dien hamlet said, “During summer break, the children often go swimming in the river. We’re worried about their safety. Now that they are being taught to swim, I feel reassured.”

A free table tennis class has been opened for children in Phu Thong town. The class is run by Huynh Tien Thang, a table tennis player himself, without any sponsorship. The class attracts many local young people every afternoon.

Many class members have taken part in the province’s table tennis competitions and won prizes. Thang said, “I opened this class just to give the local children some fun during the summer. I was surprised by the children’s passion for the sport and their success at the province’s competitions. I plan to open another table tennis class in Quân Hà commune.”

Hoang Thien Lam, who attends the table tennis class, told VOV, “The teacher is enthusiastic and gives us a good place to play. I’m happy I took this class. It gets us to spend less time in front of the computer.”

Summer playground set up for mountain children  - ảnh 2Summer activities are set up for mountain children (Photo: VOV) 

Nguyen Vu Mao, Secretary of Bach Thong commune’s Youth Union, said several activities have been organized to give local children an enjoyable summer holiday.

“We focus on teaching the children important skills like swimming. We also set up table tennis, Then singing, and Tinh musical instrument classes. We want to create a safe place for local young people to play this summer,” said Mao.