Vietnamese bride promote their mother tounge in Guangxi, China

(VOVWORLD) - Like many other Vietnamese women married to foreign men, Nguyen Thu Huong, a Vietnamese bride who lives in China’s Guangxi province, wants her children to be able to speak Vietnamese. A center was set up in Guangxi by Vietnamese brides to teach Vietnamese to their children.

Nguyen Thu Huong and her family live in a modern apartment in downtown Nanning city. Her 10-year-old daughter has been taught Vietnamese since she was very little and now can speak Vietnamese fluently.

"I bought many books and read them in Vietnamese to my daughter when she was in my belly. After she was born, I kept speaking Vietnamese to her every day. Thanks to this, my daughter has been able to understand and speak both Vietnamese and Chinese since she was first able to talk. We communicate with each other mostly in Vietnamese at home and I’m always ready to explain to her every new Vietnamese word.", Huong told VOV.

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She got married to her Chinese husband and moved to live Nanning in 2006. She is now the head of a group of Vietnamese brides living in Nanning city who share the things they need, support each other, and promote their mother tounge. The group now has more than 40 members.

"It took me a year to establish this group. The others were hesitant to join. But when they saw that my daughter could speak Vietnamese fluently, they wanted their children to be able to speak Vietnamese, too. We encourage Vietnamese mothers with children between 5 and 10 to bring their kids to the Vietnamese class every Saturday. We take turns teaching the kids and encourage them to speak Vietnamese regularly.", said Huong. 

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Although busy with her work as an operator for a mobile telephone company, Huong has never missed teaching a class in the past 5 years.

"Our group is a place where we can help each other overcome any problem. We help new Vietnamese brides integrate into the local community. We often organize weekend picnics where moms can bring their kids to play together. In such gatherings, speaking Vietnamese is compulsory.", said Huong.