Yen Bai province builds happy hamlets as it seeks to improve happiness index

(VOVWORLD) - Yen Bai province in the northwestern mountains of Vietnam is taking steps to boost the local happiness index. A model of building “happy hamlets” is being implemented districtwide in an effort to  achieve green growth and happiness targets.

Yen Bai province builds happy hamlets as it seeks to improve happiness index - ảnh 1Pig raising models are implemented widely in Yen Bai province. (Photo: VOV)

Phang A Pha, the head of Ta Xua hamlet in Tram Tau district, is implementing a model of raising ducks and black pigs, which earns his family a relatively high income. Pha’s business has been replicated in many local households, he said, adding that local authorities have supported villagers raising ducks and pigs to help them improve their living conditions.

Ta Xua hamlet has initiated dozens of economic models which generate annual revenue of tens of thousands of dollars. Mua A Gia, with the Tram Tau district Culture and Information Office, said the district aims to raise the local happiness index from 50% to 52% this year. Building happy hamlets is one way to achieve that target, he said. 

"Of the 10 criteria for a happy hamlet, we are currently focusing on economic development, transportation development, and healthcare,” Gia added.     

Trong La hamlet in Mu Cang Chai district is working hard to ensure that all households have clean water, all children under 6 are vaccinated, and all people over 60 have regular health checkups. They are also trying to get the poverty rate below 12% and have half of local households earning at least 4,400 USD per year.

Yen Bai province builds happy hamlets as it seeks to improve happiness index - ảnh 2Ethnic women make handicraft products as a way to earn a higher income. (Photo: VOV)

Lim Van Hoa, a hamlet official, said, “We have encouraged local people to copy successful economic models from other localities. Trong La is expected to be recognized as a happy hamlet by the end of this year.”

The model of building “happy hamlets” is in its early stages in Mu Cang Chai and Tram Tau district but will soon be replicated. Each week authorities send cadres to help local residents implement the model.

Dao Thi Thu Thuy, Head of Communication and Education for Mu Cang Chai’s Party Committee, said that party members and cadres will help the locals solve problems they encounter in implementing the model, improve their understanding of labor and production, and make their lives better.

To boost its happiness index Yen Bai province is also implementing models of building happy neighborhoods and schools.

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