Young people in Mekong Delta join sea and island protection movements

(VOVWORLD) - Whenever summer comes, young people in the Mekong Delta join other youth nationwide in volunteer activities, in remote, border, and coastal areas.  This summer, some Mekong Delta youth are volunteering in Vietnam’s sea and islands. 
Young people in Mekong Delta join sea and island protection movements - ảnh 1

Young volunteers join local people in a clean water work (Photo:

140 young people from Can Tho city, An Giang and Kien Giang province have joined a mission called “youth from the Hau river work for Vietnam’s sea and islands” sponsored by the High Navy Command Region 5 and the Tho Chu island commune in Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province.

They helped upgrade schools and presented gifts to poor fishermen, policy beneficieries, and disadvantaged students. The volunteers organized folk games and presented books to local children and carried out activities to protect the environment. Thieu Khanh Linh of Can Tho University said: “The fishermen are hospitable and warmly welcomed us. I’m happy to see the affection of the navy soldiers for the mainlanders”.

The navy soldiers joined the young people in volunteer activities. This was an opportunity for young people to learn about patriotism and the revolutionary tradition. Sergeant Thach Phep of Regiment 152 stationed on Tho Chu island, said: “I hope young people will take part in more activities towards Vietnam’s sea and islands. It encourages navy soldiers like us to defend Vietnam’s sovereignty”.

Young people in Mekong Delta join sea and island protection movements - ảnh 2

Young volunteers help collect rubbish on the beach (Photo:

The young volunteers will move to Ca Mau province next month, collect rubbish on the beach and hold a cultural and sports exchange with the soldiers. Ms. Ho Quy Nhi of the Department of Youth and Children of the Ca Mau Youth Union, said: “The life of people along the Ca Mau coast is difficult. We organize activities for local children and the elderly”.

Dao Chi Nghia, Secretary of the Can Tho municipal Youth Union, said 10 young people will live and work with local residents and soldiers on the islands of Phu Quoc and Tho Chu: “The group will help transfer new technology and skills for growing subsidiary crops. This is a practical program that needs more resources”.