Border guard force feeds orphans, disadvantaged children’s dreams

(VOVWORLD) - Border guard stations in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak have been raising a number of adopted orphans and disadvantaged children. This fostering has helped these children realize their dream of attending school and getting a proper education.
Border guard force feeds orphans, disadvantaged children’s dreams - ảnh 1 Representatives of Dak Lak province’s border guard force present gift for local policy beneficiaries. (Photo: Tuan Long/VOV correspondent in the Central Highlands region)

The Border Guard High Command of Vietnam initiated this model to give less fortunate children a better life and education while strengthening the solidarity between the military and local residents.

5-year-old Y Phu Mlo of the M'nong ethnic group in Drang Phok hamlet was abandoned by his father. His mother died when he was less than 3 years old. Y Phu Mlo has been raised by his maternal grandparents who are old and struggling financially.

The Srepok border guard station stepped in and asked to adopt Y Phu Mlo. Lieutenant Colonel Do Van Nhuong said the grandparents were reluctant at first, because they didn’t want the boy to do without his relatives’ love.

“When we received him, he was weak. He has now become stronger, taller, and more confident. We have taught him how to behave, considering him a family member,” said Nhuong.

Every day, after school, Y Phu Mlo participates in recreational activities and takes physical exercise. When he doesn’t understand his lessons, he can ask for help from his soldier “fathers” at the station.

Y Phu Mlo says the soldiers show him lots of love and care.

“My mom died. My grandparents are very poor and don't have much food for me to eat. The border guards have fed me well, allowed me to take part in their recreational activities, and taught me the alphabet. Next year I’ll attend first grade. I will study hard so my grandparents and the border guards will be proud of me,” he recalls. 

Border guard force feeds orphans, disadvantaged children’s dreams - ảnh 2

(Photo: Tuan Long)

Since the beginning of last year, border guard stations in Dak Lak province have adopted 4 local children.

“We intend to expand the program out of a sense of responsibility and humanity. The Dak Lak border guards will coordinate with agencies and social organizations to help disadvantaged children who need sponsoring or financial support to continue their studies,” said Colonel Do Quang Tham, deputy political commissar of the provincial Border Guard Force.