COVID-19-orphaned children in HCM city receive community support

(VOVWORLD) - Since the social distancing order was lifted, HCM city has entered a phase of safe adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic. People, including children orphaned by the pandemic, are learning to get used to the new situation. VOV’s reporters in HCM city looked into the lives of these orphaned children.
COVID-19-orphaned children in HCM city receive community support - ảnh 19-year-old Nguyen Moc Que Anh now lives with Mrs. Chao’s family in District 1 in HCM city.

Two months ago, the family of Mrs. Ho Thi Chao in District 1 welcomed a new member: 9-year-old Nguyen Moc Que Anh, the daughter of a neighbor who rented the house opposite Chao’s house.

Que Anh’s mother died of COVID-19 in August. Her father is remarried and has his own family. Her grandmother's house is far away.

The day Que Anh’s mother died, Mrs. Chao took her home to look after her while waiting for her relatives to come pick her up.

But all of Que Anh’s relatives are in tight financial straits and would find it difficult to support her. Not to mention that Que Anh’s wish was to stay with Mrs. Chao. This wish was soon accepted.

“I want to help her have a decent future. I’ve loved her since she was little,” said Mrs. Chao.

The assistance of Mrs. Chao, her family, and other benefactors has helped the 9-year-old open up. Now she can help with some housework.

Que Anh says neighbors, teachers, and parents of her classmates all have encouraged and helped her a lot, adding, “The parents of my classmates bought me a phone so I can study online. I want to become a doctor. I’ll study hard and get a good job so I can take care of grandma Chao in the future.”

COVID-19-orphaned children in HCM city receive community support - ảnh 213-years-old girl Ngoc Thao.

Tran Thi Ngoc Thao, 13-years-old, was adopted by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue and her husband, who live in Binh Thanh district, when she was little.

Two months ago Hue’s husband died of COVID-19.

The economic burden, from now on, will be on Hue, whose current job as a janitor is likely to be cut.

Hue says that in any circumstances, she will take responsibility for caring for and nurturing her adopted child until she has grown up.

“I only work about 13 days a month and stay at home the rest of the time without salary. There are many difficulties but I’ll do my best,” said Hue.

Understanding her mother's difficulties, Ngoc Thao studies very hard in the hope of taking care of herself and her family in the future.

She told VOV,  “I want to tell my mom that I’ll do well in school and will help her as much as I can in the future.”

After suffering the death of her husband due to COVID-19, 48-year-old Tran Thi Kim Thu of District 4 will have to shoulder the worries for her three children who are all of school age. The family lives in a small attic. Their life is eased by support packages to cover daily expenses and school fees.

Many COVID-19-orphaned children in HCM city have been sponsored. Each of them will receive between 44 USD and 133 USD a month until they are 15 years old.

Those who want to learn a trade or attend college or a vocational school managed by the municipal Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs will be automatically admitted and exempted from all tuition fees.

In addition, the Department’s job centers will help find jobs for them after graduation, said To Thi Bich Chau, Chairwoman of HCM city’s Fatherland Front.

“The disadvantaged children whose parents died in the pandemic in HCM city will be looked after in line with the available and newly promulgated policies to ensure all their legitimate rights,” said Chau.

The fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has orphaned more than 1,500 children in Ho Chi Minh city. Though it’s impossible to make up their emotional loss, the community’s support will help them stabilize their life and overcome their tragedy to attain a brighter future.