Hanoi-based digital TV station offers learning solution for students amid COVID-19

(VOVWORLD) - How will students study and practice when they can’t go to school due to the COVID-19 pandemic? That is the concern of both parents and teachers. A no-distance learning program developed by the Hanoi-based VTC Digital Television will solve this dilemma.
Hanoi-based digital TV station offers learning solution for students amid COVID-19 - ảnh 1

"No-distance class” is a televised learning-teaching program offered by VTC Digital Television and Hocmai education system. (Photo: VTC)

Starting Monday, VTC Digital Television and Hocmai education system will work together on a program titled "No-distance class” to broadcast the televised lectures in preparation for the upcoming national high school graduation exam in 2020.

The lessons will help students review the knowledge, methods, and skills necessary for the exam.

Phan Chi Thanh, Director of VTC’s Program Coordination Center, said the initiative will support students’ study anytime and anywhere.

“After a long time staying at home due to COVID-19, students now can learn and exchange with their peers and teachers though it is not face-to-face meeting.”

“VTC’s channels with nationwide coverage will help them review old lessons and learn new knowledge uninterruptedly. More importantly, the programs are free so students from all parts of the country can join,” Thanh said.

VTC and the Hocmai education system have recorded the lessons for school students in grades 5, 9, 11, and 12 to review what they had learned in the first semester and teach new knowledge with a focus on math, literature, and English.

Hanoi-based digital TV station offers learning solution for students amid COVID-19 - ảnh 2 The recording of a lecture for the "No-distance class” program. (Photo: baotnvn.vn)

The content of the televised lectures will closely follow the format of exam questions in recent years and this year’s reference exam questions.

Teacher Dang Quang Hung, Deputy Director of the Hocmai education system, said: “Lessons offered by the Hocmaieducation system focus on main subjects for learners of all 12 grades. We have even customized lessons to meet the specific demand of each group of students.”

Each subject is expected to have 30 lectures; 45 minutes to 60 minutes each.

Pham Giang Linh, General Director of Hocmai, said: “To support the lessons broadcast on the VTC, we have developed an online Q&A channel, focusing on interaction between learners and teachers. It enables learners to immediately do exercises after each televised lesson like they are in offline classes.”

“This method will ensure that the students understand the lessons, raise questions, receive the answers, and interact with those participating in the lesson on TV,” Linh explained.

In a national high school graduation exam, students will take five tests, including three independent tests of math, literature, foreign languages and two combined tests of natural sciences and social sciences.

Each lesson will be broadcast on VTC 8 and VTC 11 at 9.00 a.m. for 5th graders, at 2.00 p.m. for 9th graders, and at 9.00 p.m. for 11th graders.

Students can learn online via digital media including IPTV, cable TV, OTT VTC Now app, and the website: portal.vtc.gov.vn.