“Happy class” brings happiness to child cancer patients

(VOVWORLD) - A special class called “Happy class” was launched early this month at the Tan Trieu branch of the National Cancer Hospital in Hanoi, popularly called K Hospital. The new class is delivering happiness to child patients at the hospital and encouragement to their parents.
“Happy class” brings happiness to child cancer patients - ảnh 1A child patient learns to draw at the “Happy class”. (Photo credit: K Hospital)

At the "Happy class" on the 3rd floor of K Hospital, the child patients learn to draw with pens and crayons and to read, and sing along with the teacher's rhythmic tapping. Simple things can represent big dreams to the patients.

8-year-old Hoang Van Minh from Bac Ninh province joined the class even though an infusion of chemotherapy had worn him out.

Minh has been in the hospital since March and now feels very happy to join the class which brings laughter to the child patients and tears of joy to their parents.

Hoang Van Binh, father of Hoang Van Minh, says the family discovered Minh’s bone cancer 2 months ago.

He had an operation at the National Hospital of Pediatrics and then was transferred to K Hospital for cancer treatment. Minh can now begin to move on his own.

Although it was painful to witness the pain his children had to suffer, Binh felt better seeing his son in the class, playing happily with teachers and friends.

“The children have had to interrupt their studies. My son feels comfortable in this class because there are many children his age. We would like to thank the hospital for helping him get better and thank the class for giving the child patients a fun environment,” said Binh.

Volunteer teacher Le Thi Quynh Trang says that lessons are carefully chosen to match the needs and health condition of each age group.

Trang explains, “Each class member has a unique situation, illness, difficulties, and personal preferences. We must meet them directly and learn their psychological problems before we can help them get better. When a child shows an interest in something, we steer them to that area. In this class learning means sharing and finding joy.”

“Happy class” brings happiness to child cancer patients - ảnh 2 The “Happy class” is well equipped with learning aids. (Photo credit: K Hospital)

The class’s name says it all. It has brought happiness to child patients and to their parents, doctors, medical workers, and volunteer teachers.

Doctor Nguyen Ba Tinh, head of the Social Affairs section of K Hospital, says they want the child patients to participate in educational and fun activities in the “Happy class” because it helps them overcome their pain and fear and fight the disease.

“We are happy to see the children and their relatives enjoy the class. The class is a gift of love from the hospital, the teachers, and the charity groups to the child patients,” said Tinh.