Hung Yen promotes external affairs, international cooperation

(VOVWORLD) - Over the years, Hung Yen province has worked hard to promote external relations, international integration, and expansion of international friendships and investment cooperation. These activities have enhanced the status and image of Hung Yen as a dynamic and creative locality in the northern region.


Hung Yen promotes external affairs, international cooperation - ảnh 1 Workers assemble air-conditioners at the Daikin Vietnam in the Thang Long Industrial Zone II in Hung Yen. (Photo

Last year Hung Yen’s economy grew 9.6%, with per capita income reaching 3,200 USD and the poverty rate falling to 1.9%.

In the first half of this year, its overall growth indicators were positive and economic growth was nearly 7% despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hung Yen remains a bright spot in investment attraction, said Nguyen Van Phong, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee.

“Hung Yen was among Vietnam’s top destinations for foreign investment in the first half of this year. The number of new businesses exceeded 500, far more than the number of companies that had to close,” he said.

“We have drastically reduced or waived taxes for businesses affected by COVID-19, giving them a chance to restructure or restore production,” Phong added.

These achievements were possible because of the provincial administration's far-sighted development orientation and awareness of the importance of external relations and economic integration.

Extensive external activities have boosted the province’s image and attracted foreign investment, said Mr. Phong.

“Hung Yen natives living abroad have made significant contributions to their hometown, such as sending remittances, helping 3,000 people find work as guest workers, and participating in welfare programs,” he said, adding, “Many of them have invested in Hung Yen, greatly expanding the provincial budget and generating thousands of jobs.”

Hung Yen has promoted people-to-people exchanges and local culture, signed a mutual cooperation and friendship agreement with Japan’s Nikaho city, and organized cultural exchanges with Belarus.

Hung Yen promotes external affairs, international cooperation - ảnh 2PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc (standing) works with Hung Yen provincial leaders in April 2020. (Photo   

At a working session with provincial authorities in April, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc underlined Hung Yen’s development potential, advantages, and skilled workforce, pointing out that its proximity to Hanoi will enable it to develop industry, agriculture, and services.

“Hung Yen should set its sights higher, diversify its investment, and exploit its strengths doing large-scale projects in light industry, agricultural processing, high-tech agriculture, transportation, tourism, services, education, and health care. Hung Yen should strive harder to become one of Vietnam’s leading localities,” said PM Phuc.

Hung Yen is working toward the dual goal of shutting down the COVID-19 epidemic while restoring economic growth, surpassing its set targets, tapping its potential, and achieving breakthroughs to sustainability.

Steady foreign investment is predicted for Vietnam, giving Hung Yen an opportunity to attract some of it.

Hung Yen intends to focus on high-tech agriculture and restructuring agriculture in line with modern agricultural processing and new-style rural development.

Hung Yen is changing day by day and moving fast forward. The integration process has contributed greatly to the province's socio-economic development and local people's improved living standards. The province has maintained its cultural identity and is on track to become a dynamic and attractive administrative and economic hub in the northern region.