Life in Vietnam’s quarantine area

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnamese government has been working diligently to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to ensure the safety of its citizens and visitors to Vietnam. Quarantine facilities have been set up to host those arriving from coronavirus hotspots, as well as those who are at high risk of having the Covid-19 infection. 
Life in Vietnam’s quarantine area - ảnh 1 A health worker checks the body temperature of a quarantined person at Ho Chi Minh City National University in Thu Duc District. (Photo: VOV)

Residences such as military dormitories and university and college campuses in many localities in Vietnam have been temporarily converted into Covid-19 quarantine zones as the epidemic spirals.

Those quarantined, both Vietnamese and foreigners, are provided with daily health check-ups, free meals, free wifi in certain locations, and many are able to exercise freely within the quarantined area. 

The dormitories of Ho Chi Minh City National University, located in Thu Duc District, are able to accommodate 40,000 people. It has received thousands of people subject to mandatory quarantine. Most of them are Vietnamese students who were studying abroad before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Le Thuy Trang, who has been placed in quarantine at the Ho Chi Minh City National University, said she was touched by the tremendous support which has been given to her by the medical workers and volunteers who sterilize the facility and check body temperatures on a daily basis.

“At first, I was a bit worried to move to a new place, but the health workers and militias in the zone are very kind. They have an unbelievable amount of work to do yet still find the time to show compassion to people who find themselves quarantined. I am forever grateful to those who are working here for people like me,” said Trang.

Nguyen Thanh Dat whose sister has returned from Britain said: “The soldiers in the quarantine area are friendly, caring and above all respectful to those under quarantine. Often when someone is quarantined, they will face discrimination, but this discriminatory attitude isn’t felt here. Despite the blistering heat, the soldiers pick up deliveries from families to give to those quarantined in the dormitory.”

Life in Vietnam’s quarantine area - ảnh 2 At a quarantine zone in Da Nang city.

(Photo: CAND/VOV)

Lieutenant Tan Thanh Tung of Hai Chau district’s police force in Da Nang city is on duty around the clock outside the Vanda hotel which has been designated as a quarantine area.

He told VOV that locals living nearby have been very supportive, adding: “Many people, regardless of age, show us a great amount of support.”

“Just recently, three people, including a little girl and an old man, arrived by bike to give the officers on duty some bread and water as none of us are allowed to go out for a meal while on duty. That is why such loving acts are greatly appreciated by those of us on the frontline of this fight,” he said.