Riding piggyback to school, a real-life fairy tale

(VOVWORLD) - Ngo Minh Hieu and Nguyen Tat Minh of Trieu Son 5 High School in the central province of Thanh Hoa have lived a story of love and friendship about a teenager who piggybacks his disabled friend to school for a decade. 
Riding piggyback to school, a real-life fairy tale - ảnh 1

Hieu and Minh, a teenager duo of Thanh Hoa province, have lived a story of love and friendship. (Photo: nld.com.vn)

Their shared dream of college came closer to reality when Hieu passed the 2020 national final high school exam with a score of 28.15 and his friend Minh, a student disabled from birth, scored 28.10. 

Minh hopes to study IT at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). Hieu, hoping to become a good doctor to heal people and save lives, has applied to Hanoi Medical University.

Minh was not born as lucky as most other children. His disabled foot cannot walk and his disabled right arm cannot move. Despite his congenital deformities, Minh has always dreamed of attending school.

“When I was little, I didn’t feel too bad about the situation. I always thought it was wonderful to attend school and play with my friends despite my condition,” said Minh.

Sympathetic to Minh’s situation, for 10 years Hieu has helped Minh get to school.

Hieu recalled, “When I first met Minh in the second grade, I felt sympathy for him because Minh wants to study and has a lot of determination. I’ve been carrying him piggyback ever since.”

With Hieu by his side, Minh seemed to have more energy and confidence. He says the friendship has helped him overcome many difficulties.

Nguyen Tai Quyen, headmaster of Trieu Son 5 High School, said he and others at the school were not surprised at the boys’ test results because they were always excellent students.

“I’ve always told them to be modest and appreciate all the good things given to them. Hieu’s piggybacking Minh for 10 years is an example of selfless love,” said Quyen.

While pleased by his students' achievements, Quyen is also concerned about how Minh will fare in his new environment, where Hieu won’t be there to carry him to class.

Quyen says he has asked alumni of Hanoi University of Science and Technology to assist Minh any way they can.

Riding piggyback to school, a real-life fairy tale - ảnh 2Minh and his mother show the certificates of credit which Minh has gained during his 12 acdemic years. (Photo: nld.com.vn) 

In one month, the two friends will go their separate ways, but Hieu says it won’t keep him from seeing Minh.

“We will study at two different universities and I can’t stay close to Minh and carry him to school. But it will be fine for Minh because it will help him become more self-reliant and grown-up. I believe at the university there will be many good friends who will be ready to help Minh get to school,” said Hieu.

“In the future, I will have to try to be more self-reliant. It will be helpful for my future. But I believe I can do it,” said Minh.

The story of the two teenagers has been widely shared on social media and has received widespread media coverage, which has described the friendship as “inspiring and touching" and hailed it as a real-life fairy tale.